Travis gave me a life between life session. I have had several past life regressions in my life, from different practitioners and professional hypnotherapists. I’m familiar with this kind of work, but I never experienced life between life. I felt most comfortable with Travis and I felt I could trust him completely. In my previous experiences I was never able to reach that 100% trust and ease, so I owe this to Travis’s experience, skills and professionalism. The session was amazing and helped me understand important things that made perfect sense with my life. For few days after the session I had amazing revelatory dreams. Very deep and important work and would recommend Travis to anyone who is looking to do deep personal work.
— Manu, New York

Did a past life regression session with Travis Carrier and It blew my mind. This wasn’t something I ( at the time) really believed in and he was very good at making me feel comfortable and asking the right questions to help me heal and discover some of my past. True believe now and have recommended him to many of my friends. He’s the real deal. If you’ve been considering something like this and have been afraid to try it , travis would be the perfect person to work with. He was very calming and helpful in explaining and facilitating the session. Five stars!
— Alea, New York

I received my first past life regression from Travis. I had tried to do one on myself years ago to no avail and it left me frustrated because I had no results. When we sat down for a session I felt safe. My spirit did not feel intruded upon. I felt comfortable enough to unwind and trust. I received my recording in a timely manner and am grateful to have it indefinitely.

The results from the session were profound. I rediscovered things about myself that I had felt but neglected to accept. The regression made it all more clear. I was able to let go of what does not serve me and focus deeply on what I am here for. Travis is a sweet guy and his intentions are good
— Houiea, New York

Even though I am into the occult and mystical subjects and study them quite frequently, I have to say I was surprisingly skeptical and nervous about doing a past life therapy session.

I can say with all honesty that the session and experience of it, has left me changed forever. Now, I feel empowered and have gained insight and peace about parts of myself and my life. It all just makes sense. I try to describe the feeling and experience of it to friends but it extends itself beyond words and I find it even hard now to explain what happened and the ways it has helped me. I guess the closest word I can use to describe it, if I had to pick one is, unbelievable.

Travis is a huge reason why I feel this way. The session went so smoothly and he brought me to places I didn’t know I could go. I’ve tried similar things by myself in the past and I know he is the only reason I could break through the barriers of the past and present. So thank you Travis, for helping me find the (previously unattainable) answer to the biggest question we all have about our lives - ‘why?’.

— Christina, New York