Terms & Policies



Reservations of more than 1 hour in length request a 50% deposit to hold your place. We reserve the right to change a modify scheduling times if necessary. We will notify you of any changes if action needs to be taken. 


Cancellations are accepted prior to 72 hours before the scheduled session. If cancelling after the 72 hour period before the start of the scheduled session you will either not be refunded the 50 % deposit or will be contacted to fulfill the agreed payment in full. Travis Carrier Healing reserves the right to decide the best action forward. 


Please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the session to check in and get settled.


There will always be water and restrooms available at the working location. 


Travis is not treating any physical, mental, or emotional conditions. Travis Carrier Healing focuses on consulting and listening so each client may problem solve, learn, and use at their own discretion the self-healing techniques. This is not an alternative medicine; however, it may be an aid in conjunction with a Medical Doctor's practice and advice. Travis Carrier is not liable should any client fail to clearly state any and all medication which the client may be currently or was previously prescribed by a psychiatrist; furthermore, we advise all clients to share full their medication history on the intake form.