Regression Therapy

Sessions Last about 3 Hours for optimal results


Regression work may address a wide range of in depth transformational work.

Age Regression: Reclaim personal power or lost energy from the stories which hold you back. When applicable we may also explore the special time in the womb when you are preparing to come into the world.

Age regression is for clearing difficulty from current life timeline or even into childhood- discovering and reclaiming the inner child, working through past hurts or disappointments. The goal of inner child work is to reclaim the wisdom from the the innocent and playful one, as well as reorganizing core dynamics of archetypes for freedom from the known. 

Womb Regression, get in touch with that special time when you are preparing to come into the world and discover what you may be coming to learn, do, or work on. Past life regression and ancestral healing includes this work. 

Ancestral Healing is just that, working within the family field for healing and integration. There is a biological lineage active in our field of life. When we are given the physiology and beloved opportunity for this life, we all take something from the family field to heal - this is a natural order of love- an exchange of giving and taking. This process allows you to reclaim your individuality beyond all images and attachments from the ancestral field. One may then begin growing in ways which suit our most essential selves, our goals and intentions in this life.  Ancestral Healing for clearing and understanding the true nature of multi generational effects from the family field; enabling one to live their own story with support and inclusion within the lineage. 

Past Life Regression is a wonderful method to explore the nuances of our personality on a deeper level... Come to understand the nature of what's holding you back and how this relates to other times. Find out the lessons and obstacles you have been working through and realize how they affect your current life. PLR is also beneficial with the potential to regain abilities or talents from different lives. Feeling connected is essential to being our best.  

Past Life Regression is for exploring other lives and selves along the incarnational line; find and release residual negative energy or karmic imprints holding you back. Talents or gifts may be reclaimed for future empowerment. Most people report a freeing of energy and a letting go of density affecting them on an unconscious level. 

One aspect of the way I work is to give a considerable focus for the possibilities of rebirth and renewal. On top of this, the end and release from the physical incarnation usually sheds much light on current divided energy and beliefs. We will explore agreements and contracts as well as gaining wisdom from the essential self and possibly guides or loved ones. One may also gain much beneficial and positive remembering. Imagine understanding the many ways the past is being activated with a desire to heal and grow from current life  situations.



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