Who is Travis Carrier?


Travis started his life path as a visual artist, unfolding his intuitive connection to expressively sense and see creatively. During the years of maintaining a studio practice in New York City he began to awaken an awareness of deeper movements coming together within the creative universe. His inner images and impressions were gently beginning to shed much light on processes he knew very little about. One of his goals as a painter was to express the movements of inner growth as a person begins to take their place in life. After representing a few of those beginning movements, he then began living what was then a very personal exploration. He uses his creative ability to resolve and work with a wide range of problems which may be holding people back from realizing their place in life. Most issues have their own wisdom; they can be integrated and learned from, transforming struggles into resources that helps one better navigate or experience the world.

It was an inner impulse that caused Travis to seek a hypnotherapist to clear some charged past experiences from childhood so as to live life more true to his deeper self. The goal was to release subconscious uneasiness and to express the creative self more naturally. He was stunned by the easy and safe access this process offered. There was a sense of being able to bravely work though complex entanglements while also exploring and experiencing the multidimensional aspect of the mind. This began a search to fulfill and understand the answers that came to light during the session. The process itself reminded him of a very positive past experience as a young teenager exploring guided meditation and inner visualization. After a couple of years, he decided to try out a course on hypnotherapy. With very little attachment to the outcome of this "experiment", he trusted the inner guidance and discernment to be his allies going forward. Thus, he joined a course with the Holistic Healing Center in the New York City area. Much to his surprise the course was a very natural fit and the ability to work in this way seemed to be a doorway towards accomplishing his life purpose as well as a rooted foundation to heal self and others.

It was after reading Journey of Souls, by Dr. Michael Newton, that Travis felt a familiarity and visual resonance with the experiences of so many of the author's shared case studies. Here was something that he knew and was seeking to express through the visceral application of paint, yet he had not realized that he knew until reading this work specifically. This discovery engendered so much possibility. Instead of showing others this internal world through picture making, Travis realized the opportunity before him to help guide others to this experience, unique for each person, returning home to their spirit-soul. This was the treasure which helped garner momentum for his love and dedication along the way to becoming a spiritual healer. This work is based in healing all aspects of life, with respect to the karma and possibilities for each soul's growth and natural unfoldment. It was the spirit world in its pure creative aspect which began to open these profound and humble beginnings.

Travis has moved into a broad and focused direction for healing the mind, body, and soul at all levels of the ray of creation. He has picked up useful tools along the way to anchor & facilitate lasting results such as (H)NLP, energy healing, as well as traveling to attend the 2017 World Congress for the European Association of Regression Therapists in order to learn the style and approach from the European school of regression work.

Travis' current focus is with his private practice seeing clients for healing, hypnotherapy, and regression work. He is continuously learning spiritual healing and spiritual constellation work guided by his current teacher, Ron Young.

Alongside this continuing process, he is also involved leadership of The Newton Institute.

All healing is self healing and within the karmic and systemic field of possibility. All you are is changing, you can't not change, for change is stability.


Travis' Teachers and certifications

Certified Hypnotherapist, International Association of Counselors and Therapists

Transpersonal Hypnotherapist & Past Life Regression Therapist, Teachers- Paul Aurand & Sophia Kramer

Life Between Lives Hypnotherapist, The Newton Institute®

Master-Instructor of Integrated Energy Therapy, Teacher- Stevan Thayer

Humanistic Neuro Linguistic Psychology Practitioner/Neuro Linguistic Programming

Spiritual Healing and Constellation Work, Teacher- Ron Young