Constellation Work

Constellation Work for clearing Family Field and Spiritual COnstellation Entanglements. These are group events. 



Family and Spiritual Constellations

Group dynamic work in the field of life 

These workshops are based on a meditative gathering platform where people come together to create a circle of awareness. 

We will open our connections to create a field for the unfoldment of the expression for that which we are seeking, understanding, or healing. The expression which each member takes is in accordance with the systemic intelligence of the greater multi dimensional reality. It could very well be anything from current life systems such as relationships, family, culture, nations, etc… or it could be the expression of incarnations, mythic and/or archetypal situations. The greater purpose of these sessions is to allow for the greater mystery to guide these movements for maximum possibility. Each person called to be in the movement acts from humility and compassion, feeling their place as it opens for each member, free from personality or self, allowing the expression of service to happen free of analysis or dissection. 

We will open with a meditation and a short overview of what to expect and how to experience the expressions naturally, even as you are new to the language and energy of a constellation. 



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