Healing & Hypnotherapy


Hypnotherapy is an altered state of consciousness in which a person can easily observe the structure of many problems.

Hypnotherapy can also be explained as a focused and attentive state of awareness, in which a person is deeply relaxed. Travis helps facilitate a safe and nurturing space for insight, healing, and integration. It is a pleasant mix of guided visualization and relaxation - this healing space allows one to access inner wisdom from the unconscious aspects of mind (i.e. tapping into subconscious and superconscious minds).  Hypnotherapy is natural and safe. You are always in control. All sessions are private and centered around the client.


These natural internal journeys are very much related to and in common with meditative states. They are meditative with an intention which allows for one to by pass the critical mind so it is easier to access the wonderful energy and creative imagination necessary for these experiences. The main technical difference between hypnotherapy and a past life or between life regression is the time spent at the beginning of the session with guided meditation or visualizing exercises. Being longer we create more space and time to experience the journey within. The brain and body's reactions are responding in a relative manner to the time we put in; however, psychologically it is opening to that now time place. 


Regression is a great method to connect with essential mind- that creative/inner state- inherent to all people beyond the many layers of self. Imagine that you have all of the freedom, skills, and knowledge to accomplish your goals. It is through the perception of who you are rather than what you have become which enables you to rise up and learn. Understanding oneself is a propellant on the path into the natural wisdom of the soul.


Through hypnotherapy one may explore embodied patterns affecting identity, behavior, and limiting beliefs. It is by understanding these stories that we begin to unlock beliefs, attachments, and even trapped energy affecting the physical body. Thus, we are learning to connect with the intelligence beyond time and space. Transpersonal attention and holistic integration enables us to step on the path of living with a higher vibration. Let the filters which colors your life be understood so more pure light and truth shine through. We will work safely through interpersonal issues or emotional blocks to gain maximum clarity throughout accomplishing your highest potential. 


Just as we are remembering self and awakening to a connection with the deeper mystery, we also have systemic intelligence at work. This operates in all systems from micro to macro. By investigating all these operations in our lives - we are becoming individuals and beginning to live our own story- as we bring awareness to the stories of others which we carry and enact- integration and balance may also occur. It is through this compassion that we open and say yes to healthy living.


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Questions & Answers

How does Hypnotherapy really work?


Hypnotherapy is bringing the power of your attention to help create space for healthy living. This selective perception, while everything else is blocked out, gives great energy to the mind to examine and uncover the state and structure of various inner conflicts. Hypnosis expands the mind going beyond analytical consciousness. We (therapists) help guide others towards self- discovery. This client-centered approach respects all the possibilities for magic and change to happen in a comfortable and transformative way. The goal for the hypnotherapist is for each client to be wise, brave, and radiantly happy.

When one is listening to music, it creates a calm attention which relaxes and at times enables one to experience the associations being made as images or impressions internally. During the listening experience, the mind is distracted by the melody and rhythm so it can take that easy journey within. Some impressions may be more sensational and others existential; either way, there is a movement into the creative imagination taking place. In hypnosis we are doing much the same, only our instruments that allow the mind to focus are the breath of the subject and the voice of the hypnotherapist. Through these rhythms we awaken the observer without distraction and expand its point of view so it can follow the threads of the intended focal point. This is much like a pleasant and beautifully meditative state where the mind is able to present impressions. We are then continuing the journey by dialoguing with these deeper states for effective change. Once the mind has been expanded it will also inherently return to its normal waking state rather naturally and within a relative time-frame according to how much time we spent preparing at the beginning of the session. The ending is always the beginning of something new. 


What are these healing's commonly helpful with? 


Travis has worked with clients for many reasons including: regression, inner child work, life purpose, grief, trauma, feeling disconnected, anxiety, insomnia, pain, headaches, to quit smoking, for relief of side effects from chemotherapy, body wisdom, self hypnosis lessons, relationship understanding, self assessment, opening heart center, and preparing for and recovering from surgery... and more. 


How is Hypnosis different than meditation? And if I have had a hard time meditating, will I be able to go within and discover whats's there?


We welcome all thoughts and impressions as we explore deeper mind & move through the timeline of your lives. 

Your meditation experience will not interfere whatsoever. 


What are the benefits of Past Life Regression?  


Past Life Regression is a wonderful method to explore the nuances of our personality on a deeper level.. Come to understand the nature of what's holding you back and how this relates to other times.  Find out the lessons and obstacles you have been working on and realize how they affect your current life.  PLR is also beneficial with the potential to regain abilities or talents that you had in different lives.  Feeling connected is essential to being our best.  


What has serious illnesses has Travis helped support with hands-on spiritual energetic healing?


He has given additional support during  such intensive processes as chemotherapy, oxygen depletion, blood issues, kidney and/or gall bladder stones, digestive issues, overactive bladder.... and much more (these are just to name a few).

Please note, this is a service for extra support while each client has received full medical attention and diagnosis by a licensed practicing doctor or physician; Travis is not claiming to treat or heal any client of these issues, only to act as extra support to alleviate the stress and anxiety that such people with serious illnesses go through.