Spiritual Healing

Hands ON Healing 

Spiritual Energetic Healing for a complete regeneration of all issues from painful limitations to common imbalances. All issues are relevant. Let your soul wisdom support your self-healing at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This method is a high frequency hands-on energy therapy where we work within the capabilities of the life course for integration and well-being. This modality may be helpful with family, karmic, abundance, creative issues, or with hidden anguish activated in the living field of a person's loving relationships with self and others. This is also an effective follow up to other regression and hypnotherapy sessions to flush out the field, release stress, or to stabilize any reorganization taking place. Travis has also worked with those recovering from serious illness.

Travis has learned many methods and is currently a certified Master-Instructor of Integrated Energy Therapy and a certified Reiki practitioner; however, this work is mostly an outcome of creative learning from and within the tradition of spiritual healing as taught by Ron Young of Healing Wisdom.

We open through the doorway of the spirit-soul to connect with the ocean of creation. We work with the possibility necessary to heal the source of imbalance wherever the origin of the problem exists.

All sessions take place silently like any regular energy therapy work.


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