Hypnotherapy for swift changes of unoconscious programs, limiting beliefs, and resourceful listening to the wisdom within. Incorportes NLP and (H)NLp.

Awaken the healer within for safe and objective insight into various problems with all sorts of symptoms that may include: habits, stresses, anxious thoughts, relationship issues, worries, limiting belief systems, and much more. By opening communication we are working to unify the whole person, gathering the fragments of self and aligning perceptions with the essential personality. This process allows for observing & listening objectively to awareness within & without. Learn to dialogue with the mind & body for holistic integration to begin easily accessing full potential and creativity. Discover resources embedded in the problems themselves for superior mental problem solving and easily anchor lasting positive states and behaviors.

Usually, I like to schedule one initial session where we begin to work in a more conversational way; this helps me get a sense of the problem, the true structure of how it is held in your field whether that is emotionally, physically, or mentally. This initial meeting also helps us determine the best approach going forward depending on what we find in the first session. At this time, we will also discuss how you would like to be different and how to best accomplish those goals. This work combines the latest neuroscience with the structure of living spiritual realities. We are working with neuroplasticity to enliven the part of the mind which is being taken up to accommodate the problem. From this point, we begin making changes so that how you respond or react in the future will be from a place of functional intelligence rather than limitation or repression. Start unlocking your limitless potential to effect change for your self and the world as a whole. Each client's direction will be unique.

(Another first time option, if you seek more structure to begin with is)

First Time Hypno Session

Self Assessment & Integration
After a gentle relaxed state is induced for both Body and Mind,
We will look at how the Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, and Spiritual parts are doing. 2 hours includes an intake and introduction followed by the self assessment session. Get an idea of how Hypnotherapy works and from there we will discuss the best path towards optimal well-being.

This session usually includes an extra half hour (2 hours)





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