Spiritual Healing

Hands on spiritual healing. We are aligning with that which is beyond separation, the field of creative intelligence. With this work I honor and work with each person where they are at and from the traditions that resonate with them the most.


Regression Therapy

Regression work may address a wide range of in depth situations. This work is comprehensive covering the current life, womb, and past life or ancestral field.

Age regression for clearing difficulty of current life or childhood, discovery and reclaiming the wounded inner child, becoming aware of the wonderful and wise playful one, as well as core dynamics of archetypes. 

In Utero- Womb Regression to first connect with the soul, and to get in touch with that special time when you are preparing to come into the world and discover what you may be coming to learn, do, or work on. 

Ancestral Healing for release and reorganizing of deep family field entanglements, to resource and re-connect the family lineage. 

Past Life Regression for exploring other lives and selves along the soul's lineage, to find and release residual negative energy or karmic imprints holding you back. Positive talents or gifts may be reclaimed to live free of limitations. Once worked through, most people report a freeing of energy and a letting go of density affecting them on an unconscious level. 


Life Between Lives

Life Between Lives is a profound journey into the spiritual realm to discover and integrate the spirit-soul's identity with the present personality both for awareness and spiritual regeneration.



Awaken the healer within for safe and objective insight into lasting problems from all sorts of symptoms, commonly includes: habits, communication, anxiety, stress, fears, and listening to the awareness within the body and without. Discover resources embedded in the problems themselves for superior mental problem solving and anchoring lasting positive states and behaviors.


Self assessment and integration

Meet the four main parts and integrate, Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual


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