My Life Between Lives (At The Gateway)

From my personal experience, the most awe inspiring moment of my Life between lives session happened as I was crossing over into spirit after the ending of a past life many moons ago; it was from here that I began to see and sense a wall of energetic creative light approaching my awareness until it was completely dancing throughout my entire being. It was at this moment, when the therapist asked me, "who I sensed that energy to be?" (such as a guide or loved soul companion); to my surprise and with great emphatic truth I exclaimed that, "it was me!" Now this was my true soul presence and the complete reunification was the most life changing and loving experience I have ever had. One that stands out stronger in my mind, as many people report, than most day to day memories. I should mention that as this was happening, the therapist guiding me on this journey later reported that my face was progressively changing and shedding layer after layer of energetic skin until I radiated the light and presence of my soul. The best way I can describe the strength of it as a memory is as a sort of flame which has melted that experience like liquid wax into my mind. It is a constant well of abundant energy and life from which I can always go back to and pull from. It has been discovered by the many tens of thousands of case studies over the past 50 years into the afterlife by The Newton Institute that each person takes a percentage of its soul energy into the current life, leaving the rest comfortably to continue in the spiritual realm. Now these percentages differ depending on each persons natural selection and decision to match the goals and intentions for the life they are planning to live. I mention this, so you can understand just how my experience of re-unifying with my full presence may be profoundly resonant and possible for each person experiencing an LBL. Now, each person's journey is unique and is an outcome of a few key dynamics. firstly, it is a regression so we are re-taking that journey of how they crossed at the lifetime from which we are traveling (past life), and there is the current life awareness which may or may not have some implications on the crossing itself, as well as, of course -to match their soul's own unique stamp of expression. For example, I have guided others who made a star formation in the galactic skies with their soul group upon their return to spirit. This was their unique way of first being welcomed back and aligning into their personal experience.

Travis Carrier