All of the offerings below are details of one greater movement, that is, the movement to unity through essence, being at one with LIFE, LOVE, and WISDOM. All work is meant to help release the accumulated layers of personality that are not in alignment with the inner being that you are.

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is for regeneration and support for a variety of situations creating imbalance. All issues are relevant both mental-emotional and physical. We are working with spirit to balance one’s life- body, mind, and spirit for support and well-being. Situations include: serious illness, family, karmic, money, creativity, relationships, or hidden anguish. This is also an effective follow up to other offerings as a continued support to help integrate the more noetic work all the way into the physical aspect of one’s life to clear out the field, release stress and to stabilize any reorganization taking place.


Hypnotherapy/ NLP

Awaken the healer within for safe and objective insight into various problems. Special mind-body approach for unifying the whole person, gathering the parts and aligning perceptions with the inner self. This is a powerful method for releasing trauma and working through problems holding us in a limited state of awareness.

Life Between Lives

Life Between Lives is a profound soul journey into the spiritual realm to discover and integrate the spirit-soul's identity with present personality for awareness and spiritual regeneration.

Remember your true self as a soul and integrate your current personality for more awareness and purposeful living. This is a special approach for bringing you Home to spirit, so as to stand in awareness of the truth of who you truly are.


Regression Therapy (Deep Field Healing)

Regression work may address a wide range of concerns or issues in relation to the mind, body, and soul.

This work may include: age regression, ancestral healing, and past life regression. Together, we expand consciousness by first exploring how you receive impressions through energy, then followed by guided meditation, all with the intent to access the true source of any incongruent aspect of self.

By being a participant one may be in service to their family or self, wherever the cause may be. Here you are working as an active agent for your own self-healing. This is very empowering. Through this work one may explore the story and release unconscious patterns or limitations with creative awareness. Expanding consciousness to the level necessary to re-establish your self within yourself.


About Travis

Travis is based in New York City. The work he practices is one of guiding others for the uncovering of different levels of beingness- a coming home to the true self. Travis facilitates group workshops for meditation & constellations. Travis is also passionate about expanding our collective ability to bring spiritual awareness and presence into our lives on Earth in ways that assist our growth as a humanity, ultimately with the utmost respect for Mother Earth as she nurtures and shelters our existence during our time in sacred communion with her. Travis is currently on the Board of Directors for The Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy..

Travis Carrier Healing